Sabanovic fights for her team

Although water polo is a rough sport, junior Elma Sabanovic enjoys playing the sport for the people and the intense rush. 

Sabanovic started her water polo career in the eighth grade on a San Leandro program over the summer. Since then she has been playing on the CVHS team as the left wing and point. Aside from water polo, Sabanovic plays on the varsity soccer team for CVHS, a competitive soccer team outside of school, the CVHS varsity swim team, and a competitive swim team outside of the school as well.

Sabanovic’s favorite part of the sport is the people she gets to meet and the aggressiveness and rush of the sport. Unfortunately, water polo has had its share of dirty players which is Sabanovic’s least favorite part of the sport. 

As the water polo team is still relatively new, Sabanovic is proud that her team was able to do so well in their third year. 

“I  think  our team is  outstanding as a third year program. We used to lose all of our games during our first year as a program and now this year we only lost a couple games,” said Sabanovic.

To Sabanovic, water polo is a way for her to release her stress, emotions, and aggression. Water polo has helped Sabanovic meet new friends and given her once in a lifetime opportunities. 

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