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AP testing complications and complaints

This year’s AP testing was riddled with complications ranging from poor audio to late testing. The AP students who paid and prepared for these tests were upset about the problems.

“The hour window that every AP test gives you to begin the test should be more than enough,” said senior AP Physics student Logan Gorkov. “If students are going to be held accountable for showing up to tests and paying for them on time, then the school should be accountable for our time spent.”

AP Art History and Physics scores were cancelled due to failing to begin testing in the allotted time period. These students had to retake their tests at a later date with the option of a refund. All three tests were proctored by the same administrators.

The problems originally began when the AP Spanish test ran ẗwo hours overtime and delayed the tests that followed: AP Art History and AP Physics. Junior Rachel Dong took both the AP Spanish and Art History tests.

“Ten hours of test taking and sitting in the gym…all in all a bad experience,” said Dong.

The AP Spanish test includes an audio portion that is played over the speakers in the main gym. The proctors were unable to find the correct CD for two hours, and once located, the audio was incomprehensible due to the acoustics in the gym.

“If we had some personal listening devices that would work so much better,” said senior Kaiya Brown.

The AP Art History test was scheduled for 12 p.m. but did not begin until 2:30 p.m. Some students walked out and had to take the test on the makeup day. Many students wished that the AP Art History test had been proctored in a different room.

“I feel deeply disrespected as both an individual and a member of the Art History class,” said junior Reilly Berberian. “The AP Spanish exam was clearly not able to run within the allotted time frame….it should be given its own day or be proctored in the afternoon so as to not interfere with other exams.”

Senior Logan Gorkov took the final test of the day, AP Physics.

¨I feel cheated out of my time since I reported to the testing center at 11:30 a.m. and didn’t leave until 5:30 p.m.,¨ said Gorkov. ¨Now I have to take the test again and my original test was worth nothing.¨

Many students felt that these issues were rooted in an overall lack of resources.

“If CVHS dedicated more resources to managing the AP tests, there should never be a problem with a test starting any later than 8 a.m.,” said Gorkov.