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Considering Journalism for your schedule next school year? Good idea! Just look what recent graduates say about the class that made them published writers and influential community members.

“Journalism has allowed me the opportunity to foster important discussions in my community and converse with passionate people, working to make a change in their community. I am so grateful for the years I’ve had,” said Ria Panjwani, former Olympian editor-in-chief.

“Journalism is special in that it gives us real-life people skills,” said Katy Siler, another former editor-in-chief. “I’m insanely grateful for the last two years. It’s the most passionate I’ve ever been about any class I’ve taken.”

Journalism and Advanced Journalism are electives that earn Career Technical Education credit, a graduation requirement.

Journalism is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Advanced Journalism is open to juniors and seniors who have completed Journalism. Together the classes publish The Olympian newspaper and its related web pages.

Students write about school and community events as well as state, national and international news. In addition to writing, the class imparts skills in interviewing, photography, video, editing, design, web publishing, social media promotion and business management.

Olympian staff members have met and interviewed figures including Gov. Gavin Newsom, Vice President Kamala Harris, and television host Rachel Maddow in recent years. Field trips let students visit such places as Sacramento, San Francisco and Yosemite. Dozens of awards recognize and honor the staff annually.

Prospects are invited to visit during the spring to see the class operates. To schedule a visit or request more information, contact teacher Matt Johanson at

“I’m so grateful for all the opportunities journalism gave me and it really turned me into the person I am today,” said Mara Moysen, former video editor.

For first-year students, an application is required and due by the end of February. These may be accepted later if space allows but don’t delay because the class fills up every year.

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