CVHS presents “The Crucible”

Dancing, chanting, and reciting a witchcraft ritual in the woods at night, Abigail Williams and her friends are caught by Reverend Hale, kicking off a rude awakening of pointing fingers and lying in the Puritan town of Salem. Dark and mysterious, “The Crucible” showed on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, 7, and 8.

The play revolved around a conservative Puritan town and was based off of the famous book written by Arthur Miller. After being accused of witchcraft while dancing in the woods, a group of Puritans girls in 1693 Salem, Massachusetts divert suspicion by pointing to others for the cause. A dark path followed as more and more innocents were put on trial to determine who the true offenders are.

The drama department put weeks of rehearsals and efforts to put on the show.

“The Salem witch trials were an actual event in our history and the play expands on the event by adding a unique story with riveting characters who won’t stop at anything to prove their innocence, even if it means the death of others,” said senior Scott Coleman.

“‘The Crucible’ is an amazing play to read, but is even better to watch. Viewing a play brings emotion and action to the story, and there’s a ton of that in this show. It is dark and tragic, and full of lessons that can still be applied to our world today,” describes junior Alisha Grewal.

Overall the play was a fantastic and exciting story. The play was well rounded and mimicked the old town of Salem. It was an entertaining show for all who watched.

The Drama Department will show “Mamma Mia” as its spring musical next.

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