No softies on the softball team

The CVHS softball team beat Hayward high with an incredible score of 14-0 on April 27. It was an outstanding game not only because of the fantastic pitching by sophomore Olivia Aragon, but because the Trojans also had a great defense backing her up.

“I think we won because we put a lot of effort into practice and we focus during the game until it’s over, while still having tons of fun at the same time,”  sophomore Sarah Gong.
The score reflects the commitment these girls have. Their hard work pays off in organization and confidence on the field. They definitely showed fans that they are a unified front  by singing and supporting each and every player as they came up to bat.

Many of the CVHS players claimed the Hayward High pitcher was abnormally slow and they had to adjust. This truly shows how this team is so great. Whatever difficulty arises they adjust and overcome it. By being able to adjust they successfully beat the other team.
“We won this game because of our teams ability to adjust. We faced a slower pitcher than normal, so everyone had to adjust to her speed and wait longer for the ball to get to us. It took us a few innings but we finally got the hang of it. Also our pitching was on, and the defense did a good job of backing her up.”  said junior Erin Cathey.

All in all these girls played a great game with courage, determination, and pride. They knew they had to win this game and obviously they knew what it took to do it.
“We won the game because of good pitching and defense. It was kind of hard to hit because we’re so used to faster pitching, but we adjusted pretty well,” said Aragon.


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