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Vote for Biden, Prop. 16 and Prop. 18

Citizens will chose to vote for President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election on Nov. 3. For a number of reasons, The Olympian supports Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

Unlike Trump, Biden looks to protect civil rights. Trump has made it illegal for transgender people to join the military. We believe everyone regardless of race, gender, or sexual should have their rights protected, and should be treated as equals. 

Biden also wants free community college for all, and affordable public colleges. As future college students, this is very important to us. About 70 percent of college students graduate with student debt. 

Biden also looks to create affordable health care, but Trump supports privatized health care. Universal health care benefits everyone. It costs much less, which means more people have access to health care. Better access allows more of the U.S. to be healthier as a whole and helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases. 

Another huge issue is climate change. We realize it has serious consequences on our environment and our futures. Biden believes in climate change and plans to stop it through investing in renewable energy such as a wind and solar power. He also wants to prevent further damage to our environment by enforcing environmental regulations, and protecting our natural resources. Trump on the other hand has denied the severity of climate change. Trump has continued to support nonrenewable energy industries like coal, and is he only president ever to take away more protected lands than he added to them.  

Lastly, Biden supports online school during the pandemic, while Trump wants to reopen schools while it isn’t safe. Biden has a plan to get rid of COVID-19, but Trump believes “it will just go away” and has no plan. If we open schools now the pandemic will worsen and many more people will die. 

Although there are many more reasons why The Olympian supports Biden, those are just a few main ones. 

No on Prop. 15

We oppose Prop. 15 which would raise property taxes on large businesses to support schools and other government programs. 

While we believe schools need more support, Prop. 15 would cause higher costs which would hurt the economy. Many businesses are already struggling because of COVID-19. Prop. 15 would make their problems worse. Small businesses which rent property could be forced to pay higher costs which they cannot afford. 

The Olympian believes we should find another way to support public education . 

Yes on Prop. 16

One of the many propositions included on the 2020 ballot is Prop. 16 which will decide whether or not to restore affirmative action. We support Prop. 16, which gives low-income students a chance to attend higher education. It also breaks the socioeconomic cycle by promoting equity. Affirmative action allows for under-represented people to have more opportunities.  

Passing Prop. 16 will create diversity in the workplace, which benefits everyone. Affirmative action levels out the playing field when people are applying for schools, jobs, and more which is why The Olympian supports Prop. 16. 

Yes on Prop. 18

During this upcoming November election, citizens will be voting on several propositions including Prop. 18 allowing 17-year-olds to vote. 

We support Prop. 18. Most high school students want to vote, and during these last few years students have become more involved in politics. Many already work and get taxed but don’t get to vote, meaning they are being taxed without representation. 

Adults don’t realize how involved students actually are for their future. The Olympian believes that allowing 17-year-olds to vote would result in more representation that is needed among young people in California and the United States.

11 thoughts on “Vote for Biden, Prop. 16 and Prop. 18

  • Arthur Lee

    I agree that Biden would be a better candidate. During his time as president, Trump has only further proven how bigoted he is.

  • Yousif

    I like how the article Brings context to the props and shows which president is for and against it

  • Jahzara J

    I feel supporting Prop 18 would be great. It gives young people the chance to voice their opinions- as they should be able to. Decisions like these affect young people -high school students- the most anyways, and they should have a say in their futures.

  • zahra sharifi

    I agree with prop 18. I think 17 year olds should be able to vote. Many high school students have strong political opinions and they should be able to vote for what they believe in. It would also be mean more votes altogether.

  • Hally Cabrera

    I do believe in passing Prop 18, for the reason that it encourages young people to be involved in the lifelong journey of voting, one of the most essential factors in democracy. 17-18 year olds are heavily affected by policies so they should be able to voice out their opinions, and vote on those policies that would benefit them.

  • Amaya Minor

    This article does a really good job on breaking down these really important propositions. I agree with the passing of Prop 18, as voting is a super important part of democracy in America. Getting the youth involved means that more changes can be made that we want to see in our future.

  • Madelynn Sachs

    I agree that prop 16 should be passed because it gives students the chance to achive their future goals, like getting their dream job. It can give students more hope. I aslo agree that prop 18 should be passed because I do belive that 17 year olds should have a say in the future. People don’t relize that we are the future and the decisions they make can affect us. So if we let 17 year olds vote we know that we some what have a voice to change the future.

  • Aiana Pillay

    I agree with Prop 18 as well. It’ll increase the amount of people voting and it’ll probably motivate more young people to vote too. If we make the voting age lower, schools will have to educate on voting and its importance way more than they do now which is really important.

  • David Tang

    I agree with the article and I think prop 16 should be passed because it will give more students a chance to achieve their dream job and be able to further their education level. If prop 16 passes more people will be able to attend colleges and would improve the community overall

  • Jenelle Andreotti

    I agree with the points shared in the article and I think that we should support prop 18 because it allows more students to vote. Some adults don’t think 17 year olds should be able to vote but it is their future too so I believe their voices should be heard.

  • Aidan Rickert

    I would argue that Prop 15 should be passed. It wouldn’t take effect until 2022, well after the pandemic, and won’t affect business owners with less than $3 million in holdings. It would raise most of its money from larger businesses that can afford to pay more.

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