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School Board: Adams brings teaching background

Dolly Adams has taught in CVUSD for 21 years, moving to a San Leandro school this fall in order to run for the school board. She is also a board member on the Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council and the Democratic Club.

Adams believes that while high performing students do well, the special education department needs more help. She believes attendance and graduation rates for special education students should be much higher in the district.

“Castro Valley has high performing schools, so we should have high performing special education students,” Adams said. 

Adams is also prepared to make the hard decisions and do what’s best for schools when it comes to the budget.

“I want to make sure that these cuts are as far away from students and teachers as possible. Some kids just don’t like school and come just to meet friends, hang out, do sports, music, and art, so we can’t cut those programs,” she said.

Adams wants to do help the community that she knows very well, and will listen to the public.

“I’m going to listen to those parents and students [who contact me] and not just go with the leadership. I really want to get in there [the school board] to do good for the community,” she said.