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What to do about climate change, and why should we care?

I loathe our ocean.

From my doorstep, where you could once gaze and admire the ocean’s crystal blue, something has changed: it is now a poignant display of our ocean’s anguish. 

Our ocean, now reduced to a pitiful acid-green, levels rising as if to protest mistreatment, serves as an undeniable testament to climate change’s devastating effects on our home, earth. 

NASA estimates that, since 1971, our ocean has absorbed over 90% of earth’s warming, much of which is due to human activities. The burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas leads to excessive emissions of greenhouse gasses. Besides the ocean and atmosphere, global temperatures, weather patterns, and ecosystems suffer relentlessly due to climate change.

To combat changes, supporting candidates who rally behind international collaboration is crucial. Leaders should rationally pioneer diplomacy as the earth is a system where components influence one another; a single country’s excess greenhouse gasses will affect another. Global challenges mandate global procedures. 

International collaboration engages in sharing technologies, data, and resources, as well as upholding a nation’s responsibility to address climate change. It’s been indicated as effective as it has enabled parties to foster mutual support, modernize, and confront climate change jointly.

For instance, the Paris Agreement (2015), the third international legal agreement that addresses climate change, has united 195 parties, with goals of achieving carbon neutrality and net zero targets. Countries continue to pledge reinforcement of climate commitments, impeding carbon emissions, and supporting one another. 

While political barriers may hinder international collaboration, significant advances in history have demonstrated otherwise. Despite political differences between allied countries around the world, cooperation is prioritized within the UN to defeat common enemies. Similarly, nations must unify to fight climate change despite political disparities.

To implement change, we need to pressure initiative and responsibility from our elected officials and back candidates who campaign for international collaboration.

“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it,” said former President Barack Obama.

Climate change is devastating us, both physically and mentally. A profound sense of anxiety creeps at me each day as climate change, insidious in nature, progresses. Our ocean’s transformation is already transparent, as is our failure to initiate change. 

5 thoughts on “What to do about climate change, and why should we care?

  • This was a very good article im happy your bringing more attention to climate change.

  • This is a great article! I love seeing your synthesis between your own opinions and the scientific facts. It’s a great angle that shows both the emotional and physical toll that climate change can put on you.

  • I like the awareness being spread about climate change.

  • This was a really informative post! I appreciate your commentary on international collaboration and its importance. Working together, with a common goal, is the only way to combat climate change and its effects.

  • Nathan Berg

    I think that it is not that people don’t care about climate change, it is that the way the average citizen hears in a doomeristic way how climate change affects them leads them to inaction because they think they “cant do anything about it”. While you can’t have a very broad influence on political leaders and international cooperation on your own, you can easily do small things to reduce your end of the insane emissions. It is not that the systems themselves are not problematic, it is that everything is interconnected in life. For example, you reducing your plastic and electricity may inspire others to do the same, helping inspire smarter consumer choices in the public. If this spreads to enough people, this will force the corporations to bend to the peoples will (only if the people’s will is strong enough to boycott the corporations who are environmentally unsound. which is VERY HARD to do). To most people, this seems like an extreme level of commitment that they feel that they cannot live their lives while doing at the same time. However, it is that notion that stops us from having a future at all. As a species.

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