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Girls flag football coming this fall

Girls flag football is coming to CVHS as a pilot season next year to judge if the sport garners enough attention to support a full team by 2025. 

The new sport is to “provide an opportunity” for students at CVHS as the “fastest growing sport today,” asserted Athletic Director Kathleen Stacy.

Girls flag football was officially sanctioned as a sport by California last year. Next year, WACC will have ten schools competing, with Castro Valley having a JV and varsity team. 

At a CVUSD board meeting, Stacy presented the sport for approval which received unanimous support from all board members. “This is a really great opportunity for our girls,” said Trustee Sara Raymond.

Each team will have 15-18 players with seven playing on the field at a time. Fields will be 80 yards long with two 20-minute halves. 

Stacy is in contact with NFL teams such as the 49ers to run training camps for CVHS students. Coaches sponsored by the NFL would help coach the teams at CVHS. Stacy is very excited about the prospect of high-level coaching at CVHS.

Many students are excited to play on the new team next year, with the prospect of having two full rosters of girls to play.

 “I am very excited to play next year,” said junior Kiana Allyon. 

Girls flag football will be an exciting opportunity for many. Hopefully, Castro Valley can win the girls flag football championship next year.

2 thoughts on “Girls flag football coming this fall

  • It’s really exciting that this is finally being introduced as an official sport. I know a lot of girls have a lot of fun playing in the ladies flag football game so it’ll be nice for them to have more official way to play this sport.

  • This sounds like such a fun opportunity. Hopefully, my sister will consider joining the team since I’m graduating this year.

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