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Sanders still running in the Democratic race

The battle for the Republican nomination has ended in favor of Donald Trump, but the Democratic nominees still fight on. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has been sticking in the race for the Democratic nomination, but is still quite far behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in delegates.  

The longer the primaries go on, the more Bernie fans want him to run in the final election, whether it be as a Democrat or an independent.  

Don’t get me wrong. I want Sanders to be our next president.  He’s a sweet old man, reminds me of a friendly grandfather, and promises students like me free college and greater opportunities.

However, it just isn’t realistic at this point to have him as a candidate. If, by some miracle, he does become the Democratic nominee, Clinton’s votes would not necessarily all go to Sanders.  Sanders is far left of the moderately liberal Clinton, who is more center-left.  Hypothetically, if Clinton were to no longer be in the running, her voters would not necessarily support a left-wing socialist, and possibly switch parties to vote red.

And perhaps Sanders would not get the nomination, but still run as a third party, as so many of his voters are insisting. It would be the same situation as Ralph Nader entering as a Green Party candidate, denying Al Gore of what would most likely have been a Democratic victory for the 2000 election. If the Democratic vote is split in this upcoming election, Trump’s presidency is guaranteed.

Although I would really like Bernie Sanders to be our next president, I would much rather prefer Clinton over Trump.