Speak Up or Forever Hold Your Safety


JesThe feeling of being mentally and/or physically hurt or abused by a parent can ruin a child’s life forever by leaving scars and memories that may never go away. A study from childhelp.org shows that every ten seconds, a report of child abuse is made to the Child Protective Sevices (CPS), and more than four of the daily reports end in the death of the child.

Depression caused by abuse is very serious, and these children often feel they have no one to talk to. When children go through this, they mainly feel as if no one loves them and they may eventually stop loving themselves, occasionally resulting in substance abuse, self harm, and/or depression.

Most people know about the physical abuse of children, but what isn’t expressed as much is the mental abuse that happens to a child. The verbal and mental abuse sometimes is more severe.

Most kids that go through that kind of pain tend to shut everyone and everything out, causing themselves more pain by being lonely all of the time. It’s natural for someone to shut down their emotions and shut out people who are there to support them, yet if you speak up, you can find your haven and not have to deal with things like this anymore.

Nobody should have to experience this pain at all, but unfortunately some do, and they definitely do not deserve to go through it alone.

There are many resources available 24/7. There are teachers, CPS, and many other options. If you are going through this, do not hesitate to get help and get to a better and safer place. It does not help your situation if you keep it locked inside of you and just try to live a normal life. It will only make your situation worse and bring more pain. After witnessing abuse and seeing others go through it, I just cannot sit back and watch it happen anymore.

A well known question is, “Why would someone who is supposed to love you so much be so cruel?” Nobody quite knows the full answer, but it is our duty to help people realize that they will be okay, and that they’re completely worth every breath they take. Everyone goes through struggles but everyone should know that with every time of pain and suffering, there can be a time of joy and happiness in the end.

My advice to high schoolers and beyond is to speak up and let people know that you’re struggling. It will get better if you let yourself be heard.

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