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Fall in love with Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush is a sensational novel that has something hidden inside its covers for all types of readers. This book masterfully combines romance, mystery, suspense, action, adventure, and fantasy with a beautifully crafted story line. Becca Fitzpatrick takes the readers on a journey through the epic romance story of Patch Cipriano, a fallen angel, and Nora Grey, a typical teenage girl blending into the shadows of high school; that is, until she meets Patch, a mysterious boy with a dangerous past.

This book is full of excitement and obstacles for Nora and Patch, as the readers find out if Nora and Patch’s love can survive through all types of complications. This book isn’t just about love, it also has betrayal and major plot twists that will shock all readers. It challenges the reader to think and connect the “dots” of the complex story line.

Throughout the book the readers will fall in love with the characters. One of those characters is Vee Sky, Nora’s best friend. Vee is the funny girl with the big personality, who through the thick of the book comically believes that her main concern is boys, and has the more mundane high school problems compared to the challenges and dangers that Nora is goes through.

This book takes the readers out of their own world and into the world of Nora and Patch. Throughout this book Fitzpatrick leaves the readers at a place where they thought the book couldn’t be taken. As you read this book you will laugh at the antics of Vee, gasp at the plot twists, and cheer for (and possibly cry for) Nora and Patch.

Fitzpatrick lets the readers slip into her world where anything can happen. She happily and successfully combines two worlds to create a wonderful place where romance meets tragedy, and where love may not conquer all.