Dodgeball tournament excites all

In the spring 2023 dodgeball tournament, four teams advanced from quarterfinals to face each other in order to win the title of dodgeball champion and reign as the best dodgeball team at CVHS. The highly anticipated tournament, lasting from Feb. 6 to Feb. 10, ended on a high note, as the cheers of the crowd filled the gym, cameras flashing, as teams Monos, Head Tappers, Universe 6 and Left Blank gave it their all.

In round one, in a thrilling start to the final dodgeball tournament, teams Head Tappers and Monos would face head to head. The Head Tappers, composed of members of the boys basketball team would achieve victory against the Monos, but later lose the next first round and second round out of three, falling short of a win. 

Team Left Blank, claimed their victory against the Head Tappers and earned the prize of the Golden Plunger. 

Team member Callan Chu said, “I want to thank my team for the win, everyone played a part.”

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