“It’s a Wrap” showcases CVUSD students

After postponing fundraisers for two years because of Covid, one of CVUSD’s largest music fundraisers is back. The Castro Valley Music Parents Society (CVMPS), a non-profit organization, hosted a middle and high school music fundraiser for orchestra, band, and vocal musicians to perform and receive scholarships.

“This gets the students excited about continuing their musical path into high school. We think it is an excellent way to build community awareness of, and appreciation for, CVUSD’s excellent music programs,” commented Liz Hillen, a parent who runs CVMPS. 

Families of high school and middle school students flocked to Canyon Middle School on Feb. 3 to attend the once annual ‘Spaghetti Feed,’ now renamed ‘It’s A Wrap.’ Partnering with the Jenny Lin Foundation, an organization that promotes child safety and youth music education, they raised money to support Castro Valley students in music. The Jenny Lin Foundation and Music Parents Society collect this money for senior scholarships. 

However, fundraisers like this don’t only serve to raise money, they also showcase the skills students have picked up after years of fine-tuning. Music programs such as CVMPS and Jenny Lin Foundation help build awareness and appreciation for music students.

Students prepared for the fundraiser for many weeks. At Canyon Middle School, students rehearsed on the day of the performances. Musicians huddled near the door to enter the warm gym, where the audience waited to hear their symphonies. Nervous and ecstatic chatter quickly turned to hushes as the talented students marched to the stage.

“I think that was the best I’ve played out of a lot of pieces because the stands reflected the sounds I played, so I got to hear what I sounded like,” reflected band student and senior Bronson Burfield.

The musicians’ beautifully played harmonies paid off the hours of practice each week as they got to hear their work appreciated.

“My favorite piece was Jaws or John Williams Medley,” mentioned Abby Murphy, a sophomore orchestra student. 

The orchestra, band, and choir students finished with thunderous applause and cheers from the crowd. 

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