Horror film “Us” addresses genocide and slavery

Jordan Peele’s new masterpiece, “Us,” was nothing but mind-boggling from start to finish. This film is rated 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and it is extremely clear why. If you enjoy psychological plot twists this is definitely the movie for you. Peele’s gift to combine an allusion to slavery in America, tension, and comedy is marvelous.

After Peele’s previous movie, “Get Out,” which won an Oscar for Best Screenplay, audiences couldn’t wait for his next masterpiece. “Get Out” was a fantastic movie that really set up Peele’s future success. “Us” tells a story about a family who goes on vacation and encounters a completely cloned family who has motives to murder them. As the plot carries, it is revealed that there are millions of clones around America murdering citizens.

The ending of this movie can be seen in multiple different ways as someone individually interprets it. There are many jump scares and psychological terrors throughout the plot. Although one thing is clear, a sequel has to come soon to answer the audiences’ questions on the various plot twists.

The main concept of “Us” is to allude to the enslavement of minorities in America, such as African Americans, Native Americans and Japanese Americans. In the movie there are two categories of people: first, the citizens above ground which are free Americans while the other is the enslaved people held underground who eventually create an uprising to gain their own freedom.

Peele touches on the sensitive subjects of genocide and slavery in this film. Although it may be hard to follow and understand, after analyzing, you are able to find the underlying symbolism and it instantly becomes your new favorite movie. Once the movie ends, and the credits begin, you are re-running the scenes to understand what the heck just happened. “Us” should be seen universally to understand America’s past and future.

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