Choir takes the “Road Home” in POPS

It’s dark in the theater, and silhouettes faintly shuffle onstage. The colored lights flare on and the music begins. There’s dancing, singing, and piano. There are emotional songs where harmonizing is the key and fun dance-oriented group numbers. This year’s Pops concert has begun.

Pops is a dazzling yearly event where the students of choir come together and choose popular songs, then assign parts to students. The entire production is student-run and the choreography is done by student leaders. The theme this year was ‘The Road Home,’ and the songs were meant to represent what you would hear on the radio on a long drive home.

This year has 25 hit songs featured, going through the past decades, with some retro songs like “Landslide” By Fleetwood Mac and “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. Some of the notable modern songs this year were, “When the Party’s Over” by Billie Eilish, “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce, and “The Way” by Ariana Grande and Mac Miller. Some of the notes that were hit this year were so unbelievably spectacular that many were stunned. One of these amazing songs is ‘Dancing on my Own.’ Eight students gathered around a microphone and harmonized the song so well that it was tear-jerking.

Pops “gives the students the car keys,” as said by choir teacher Laryssa Sadoway. “They listen for trouble spots and coach each other to help the production.” The student leaders can give advice and change the show how they see fit, and the choreography is designed by student directors. “The directors and students create video tutorials for everyone to review before rehearsals,” Sadoway said. The wellbeing of the production is completely up to the students and how committed they are, which helps them gain experience and grow.

“It feels more personalized when people you know are teaching you the choreography,” said sophomore Nora Layne, who performed with solos in three different numbers. She worked tirelessly on Pops with her fellow students at many rehearsals after school. “Learning new songs is difficult but it always ends up great,” she said. 

The hard work of Pops shines through in the amazing student-led choreography, which had just as much personality and strength as the show itself. The singing and dancing in this show literally pops (pun intended), and the amazing CVHS choir program should be proud of the beautiful show they’ve created. After you hear these songs, you’ll want to listen to them on your own road home. 

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