Administration removes APUSH entrance exam

CVHS has slowly eliminated AP entrance exams as a requirement for the classes at CVHS. The most recent class to see a change is AP U.S. History (APUSH), as the administration decided to remove the multiple-choice test portion of the entrance process.

In 2020, the school removed the APUSH written part of the entrance process and now the rest of the test has been removed. The change has brought mixed feelings from various staff members on campus. 

“Although APUSH is a good option for some students, it is very different from the regular US History class. I think an entrance process is very beneficial because it gives students the opportunity to learn more about the class, understand the expectations and make the best decision regarding whether or not the class will be an appropriate fit,” said Sarah Burke, social studies teacher and department chair. 

Other staff members believe that the entrance exam is just another barrier that may deter students from taking the more advanced courses. 

“There has to be some screening in some places, but there can be places where it can be more open, we just need to find the right support for students,” said Allison Zuckerbrow from the College and Career Center. 

Zuckerbrow proposed that access to these classes should not have to be limited and CVHS should keep them open to all students who are willing to try them out. She recognized that these classes are more difficult than regular classes and that the CVHS staff should create resources and support systems to help students succeed. She suggested a bridge class that would prepare the students to take the class and after school tutoring sessions so students could get the help that they need. 

There is of course always the argument that the entrance test will help the students to know what to expect as they enter the course. 

“I think the entrance exam was accurate because others that I know who dropped out of APUSH were qualified for the course, but they prioritized other classes,” said senior Marissa Chan. 

Two years ago, CVHS removed entrance exams for Honors American Literature (HAmLit) and AP English Literature (APEL), opening the classes to all students who wished to take the courses.