How CVHS is fighting Covid

Seven students and one staff member at CVHS have tested positive for COVID-19 in August. To minimize the increasing cases of the highly spreadable Delta variant, CVHS has implemented many new safety precautions.

State officials require all teachers and school staff in California to receive weekly Covid testing or receive the vaccination, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Aug. 11. 

“CVUSD actually adopted this policy ahead of the governor’s mandate and we are glad to see this happening statewide,” said Mark Mladinich, CVHS teacher and teachers union president.

Although there is no longer a daily health screener required, it is important that students self-check if they have any symptoms such as a fever (100.0F or higher), cough, sore throat, loss of smell/taste and others. If people do feel these symptoms, school officials require them to stay at home. 

Additionally, CVHS administration requires masking indoors and highly recommends masking outdoors. Social distancing is not as strictly in place as before, but now there are one directional hallways to minimize large crowds or groups. The map of foot traffic and more can be found on the CVHS website. 

“If everyone keeps their mask on then I think we should all be fine. I wasn’t really worried about it,” said freshman Hailey Do. 

School officials require that lunch remains outdoors with more spacing around the campus to maximize space between students. Every classroom contains hand sanitizer and wipes for students to wipe their desks if wanted. Cleaning and sanitizing will take place every night. CVHS provides free testing for students and families by appointment and walk-ins at the Center for the Arts.

If people do test positive, they are asked to isolate themselves from contact with students and staff. All CVHS staff are notified when there is potential exposure. People who were in close contact with the person who tested positive must verify if they are vaccinated and get tested. If necessary the student/staff will be quarantined accordingly.

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