School activities may see changes this year

After a year and a half of Zoom events and virtual spirit, Trojans will be able to attend in-person events, but they will not necessarily look “normal.” 

As the school closely monitors COVID cases, the top priority is everyone’s safety. Therefore, activities such as assemblies, homecoming, and dances may see changes since they usually generate large crowds, increasing the risk of COVID transmission. 

“I understand the frustration of the student body when we have to change what they’re used to. It’s not something we want to do, but we’ll do as much as we can with their safety as the top priority,” said Activities Director Tommy Maloney.

For one, aspects of the Welcome Back Assembly have been compromised: while it has been held in the stadium during past years, school officials moved it to the courtyard at lunch time. With this change, those who are uncomfortable in large crowds were able to choose whether or not they want to attend the lunchtime assembly, rather than a mandatory assembly in the stadium. 

“We are doing as much as we possibly can with a goal of student safety first,” explained Maloney.

The highly anticipated homecoming may also see adjustments to adhere to health guidelines. These compromises include changing the locations and scale of events to maintain safety. As of now, COVID guidelines and infections have been fluctuating and ever changing, making it difficult to predict how future events will look like. 

“Ideally, we’d have a full show like normal but if not, we’ll adjust,” said Maloney.

When deciding whether or not holding an event is possible, “leadership works with the district and administration to see what is possible within the limits based off of health guidelines,” reported Maloney. 

While these changes are not ideal, “The leadership class is working hard to get as much as we possible while adhering to guidelines. We want events to happen as much as you do, and we are trying our best,” said ASB President Lauren Green.

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