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“Love Victor” steals hearts

“Love Victor” is a heartwarming new show on Hulu. The show follows Victor, a sixteen-year-old who has just moved from Texas to Atlanta, Georgia, who’s trying to figure out his sexuality. The show does a really good job of showing the struggles of discovering one’s sexuality, from religious families to denial, the show gets this point across very well.

I really enjoyed this show. The representation is really good to see and I really liked how they showed the stress and struggle of figuring out your sexuality because I know that it’s not easy for a lot of people. The storyline was also very good with its wholesome, but heartbreaking moments. Out of the ten episodes, I have to say I liked episode eight the most because it was just so sweet and wholesome, but the show as a whole is amazing.

The show is a story of self-discovery and coming of age. The series is a spin-off of the 2018 movie “Love, Simon” and takes place in the same city and school as the movie. Since Victor is new to Georgia and his school, Creekwood High, he sees it as an opportunity to figure himself out but he runs into some issues that make the process hard.

The previous movie “Love, Simon” told a similar story of coming out but with less of the figuring-things-out aspect. throughout the show, Victor often goes to Simon for advice since Simon went to the school that Victor is now attending. I thought it was a great way to connect the movie and show together reintroduce already loved characters.

Myself and many others really enjoyed this show and found it very relatable and heartwarming. The show has amazing characters that you will quickly love and care for and with the diverse struggles that the characters go through, there will be relatable content for everyone.