CVHS could have power shutdown Wednesday

PG&E has enclosed that a Public Safety Power Shutoff advisory may occur around 4 a.m on Wednesday, Oct. 9. PG&E explained that the expected power shutdown is a safety precaution due to expected gusty winds and dry conditions, combined with a heightened fire risk. Outages could last for more than 48 hours. The shutdown could shut off all electricity in the district and school. It could possibly run into the school day, disrupting Homecoming and regular school day plans this week.

If the power outage occurs during school, parents will be notified and school procedure will be used to pick up students from school early and ensure that every student is accounted for. 

If the power outage starts before school ends or before school begins, the district will attempt to contact families through SchoolMessenger and the school website to give updates on the rest of the day. 

As CVUSD and CVHS have no control over when and where these shut offs may occur without any further notices, it’s a waiting game for everyone. Currently schools are continuing with their normal schedules and normal dismissal procedures will be followed if the school experiences these shutdowns.