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Seniors chime in on best high school experiences

What has been your favorite thing about high school?

“I got to make friends and find out who I am.” -Calvin Cheng

“My favorite thing was learning that no bond is stronger than that of those who have watched The Human Centipede 1 and 2 together.” -Kayla Ferrell

“I loved being on the swim team and in the band for all four of my years.” -David Gresham

“What I enjoyed most was getting hugs from my friends and being able to throw shoes at annoying people.” -Esther Han

“My favorite thing about high school was everything about high school, as cliché
as that seems.  But honestly I wouldn’t change a thing about the time I’ve spent at CVHS.” -Jeremy Lawrence

“My favorite thing about high school was that I grew into my true self.” -Addie Ma

“One of my favorite moments in high school is when I realized if you’re unsure, go with your gut, and if you don’t have even that, just make stuff up. It’s more fun, and you learn a lot about yourself and other people. Once in a great while, you’ll end up being right, and it feels good.” -Travis Mattas

“To put it simply, growing up. These four years of high school were almost like loose barriers set to aid in helping you grow up and now, we’re ready to free fall.” -Tiffany Tse