CVHS tutoring program helps struggling students

The CVHS tutoring program has made many improvements since last year. There are more volunteer tutors, larger turnouts, and a much more welcoming environment.

¨These tutoring sessions are really helpful for the students and the people who come really gain a lot from it,” said sophomore Oliver Zhang.

Zhang is one of the many volunteer tutors for the math sessions, and he really enjoys helping out all the students that come. He gave an example of a student who came in with an F in one of his classes and now is just little bit away from earning a B. Zhang said the student was serious and as a result they started seeing a steady rise in his grade right away.

One of the teachers who runs the math tutoring is Kelly O’Hern. Last year she did tutoring that required the students to sign up or be invited, but she said she definitely notices that this year’s style of walk-in tutoring is a lot more welcoming and the students feel more comfortable. The classroom is usually full of students, but she still encourages more people to come as long as they are serious about their improvement.

There’s also tutoring for other subjects after school like Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, and an alternate math session for Spanish speaking students. The full schedule of all the classes can be found on the CVHS website, or by asking a teacher or counselor. Tutoring sessions are always after school, but different subjects are on different days and the classrooms can sometimes vary.

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