Government shutdown affects CVHS students

The U.S. government reopened after being partially shut down for over a month. This left 800,000 people out of jobs, national parks closed, and citizens left angered by the government officials.

   CVHS junior Marya Gilbert was personally affected by the shutdown. She and her family were attempting to visit Pinnacles National Park which is about two hours from Castro Valley, but the shutdown closed the park.

“Just as we were coming up on the entrance we saw a cone and a cop car with a cop telling everyone to turn around and go home,” she said. “It was really upsetting to my family and I. After planning this trip we were forced to make the two-hour drive home.”

Close Up leader Carmelina Frasca worries another shutdown may follow. “I am worried that there won’t be much resolution in the next three weeks because the sticking point, the building of a barrier along our southern border, has become a very political issue that will likely have serious consequences for the 2020 election.”

But students are relieved that the Close Up trip will no longer be affected since the government temporarily reopened.

           The government shutdown was caused by a disagreement between President Donald Trump and Congress over a proposed border wall, which caused some of the government to close. Trump eventually offered to extend DACA protection to undocumented immigrants for three more years if the Democrats approved the funding for the wall. Democrats refused.

Congressman Eric Swalwell compared Trump’s behavior to his 19-month-old son having a tantrum.

“Any parent knows that if you give in to a toddler every time he pitches a fit, he’ll keep pitching fits to get whatever he wants. Sadly, House and Senate Republicans don’t understand that about our president,” wrote Swalwell.

Swalwell made the point that if Congress approved the wall funding, the next time Trump wants something he will have another shutdown because he knows it will be successful.

With the government now temporarily open it is unclear what will happen. The bill to end the shutdown only lasts three weeks while politicians continue negotiating about the wall and government spending.

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