Diversify Our Narrative seeks to diversify school literature

Diversify Our Narrative (DON) is here to root out racism and prejudice from the Castro Valley High English curriculum. 

DON is a two-year-old club which began via social media in August of 2020. The official goal of the DON is “to work towards racial justice, educational equity, and community power.” DON is part of a national organization of various clubs spanning across more than 800 school districts and 6,000 organizers. 

Club President senior Shreya Varma introduced DON to CVHS.

 “I brought it to CVHS because I noticed a lack of diversity within our English curriculum,” Varma said. 

The role of club members is to read books being considered for the curriculum and write opinions on how the book will impact the student body. 

“We were able to help certify new books by people of color into our curriculum by simply voicing out student opinions,” she expressed.

In its short time being active at CVHS, DON has already introduced various diverse books into all levels of the school, some of which students have likely read. Books such as “American Born Chinese” by Gene Luen Yang and “Patron Saints of Nothing” by Randy Ribay have been added for their insight into Chinese American and Filipino American cultures. DON is currently working on piloting more diverse literature into our curriculum with representation for Black, Indigeous, Latinx and Queer communities. These books include “Me Moth,” “Marrow Thieves,” “I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter,” and more. 

DON is looking for more members and encourages students to visit room 917 during Monday lunches to participate in meetings. 

“Students should join this club to discuss deeper issues in our literature and be surrounded by students who will truly listen to one another,” Varma said. 

Shreya takes great pride in this club and believes that CVHS should as well, “because it represents the inclusion and demonstration of listening to student opinions. This club shows that they’re ready to take the school into a future that embraces everyone.” 

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