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CVHS students climb to new heights

Many people consider rock climbing a social sport, and you can see why with a view from up high. Numerous people bring partners, alternating between who belays. Others wait and watch while people attempt bouldering difficult walls, congratulating all who tried. A sort of community is formed between climbers, recognizing each other’s shared struggles.

“When you go with a group of friends, they can help you when you’re doing the route and tell you where to put your feet and then cheer you on,” said Climbing Club advisor Britney Brown. “And when you manage to finish and complete it, everyone’s very excited.”

Climbing Club advisor Britney Brown prepares to climb

As a sport, rock climbing is a measure of strength and endurance. Constantly needing to maintain your stance while finding the best hand or foot placement requires both. But there isn’t any single correct way to climb; your path and choices are as flexible as your body needs to be while climbing.

New to CVHS this year, the Climbing Club revolves around both indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Created by senior Christian D’Arcy Dominguez and currently led by junior Genevieve Onorad, the club meets in room 101 on Tuesdays during lunch. 

The idea of the club came about after D’Arcy Dominguez returned to climbing.

“I found myself really passionate about the sport and I wanted to create a community where people also had an opportunity to learn about climbing and give them the chance to try a sport that they may not have known that they liked,” he wrote.

At the in-school meetings, they go over climbing basics, teaching members how to use equipment and techniques such as belaying, a protective rope system in the event of a fall.

Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they organize climbing meets at outdoor parks or, more often, climbing gyms.

The Club meets at Touchstone Climbing gyms. Touchstone operates 16 gyms, all of which are in California and a large majority being in and around the Bay Area. For your very first visit to any of their gyms, you’ll be able to enter for free. Afterward, you can buy day passes for $25 and $30 or varying memberships.

Rock climbing is built on a simple fundamental idea: climbing up. It acts as an invitation to all who have even the slightest interest. 

2 thoughts on “CVHS students climb to new heights

  • This is pretty cool. I’ve never heard of a Climbing Club, very original idea. I wonder if the club members ever organize events on which they go rock climbing together.

  • Easten

    I think that this Climbing Club a really cool and unique club, it’s a lot different then most clubs which really makes it stand out. I also like that they go out and do something fun instead of staying inside like a lot of other clubs.

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