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Mount Diablo encourages exploration

With 20,000 acres to explore, Mount Diablo is known for its incredible scenery and variety of activities like hiking and fossil hunting along the trails. Beginners and experts alike can also enjoy the thrill of rock climbing on igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks ranging from 10 million to 190 million years old. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure for only $10, spend your day at Mount Diablo mountain biking or road cycling, horseback riding or camping from 8 a.m. to sunset. 

Let’s go back 218 years, to when Mount Diablo first got its name. In 1806 the Spanish were pursuing the Native Americans living on this land. While being persecuted the Native Americans were able to hide and escape as soon as the sun had gone down, through a part of the forest that was thought to be impossible to cross, the Carquinez Strait. The Spanish believed that they could only cross with the devil’s help, because of this they would name it “Monte del diablo,” or in English “the thicket of the Devil.” Later on, newcomers would mistake the word monte for montaña (mountain), giving it its most current name Mount Diablo. 

Many different tribes lived here, most having a very deep spiritual connection with the land they lived on. They believed every one individual thing has its own history, life, and spirit, because of this, individual parts of nature which they felt they knew on a deeper level like specific rocks and trees got their own name. To practice their spiritual beliefs, the Native Americans would reserve the upper part of Mount Diablo to give people a place to pray, as well as to hold holy ceremonies. 

Mount Diablo is not only rich in history, but also has 21 different native wildflowers that grow year around. Although they grow everywhere, areas like Falls Trail, Curry Point and Twins Peaks are where you will most likely find more of them.

While winters are moderate, and summer days pretty hot and dry, the perfect time to hike one of the 92 trails would be spring. When the sun is just hot enough and the breeze is cold enough to cool you down as you reach the top of a steep hill. 

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  • Gracie

    I didn’t know you could do all of these things at Mount Diablo! I also did not know the rich history.

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