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Senior Superlatives spark excitement

The senior superlatives for the graduating class of 2024 have been posted! There were over 121 students who nominated themselves for one or more of the 43 different categories.

One of the superlative winners, Clarisse Hernandez, was nominated for “Most Likely To Pull All Nighters.” She stated when the nominations opened she just wanted to apply for one. Furthermore, Hernandez felt like the title represented who she was “for the most part,” and that it was the one that “best fit me.”

Alexa Piscil ran for both “Most Likely To Become President” and “Most Likely To Get ID’d When They’re 30.” Since the rules however permit two people winning a category, Piscil won the latter along with Scotland Shen. “I felt a little anxious because I had friends in a class choose mine. I wanted to take a chance to possibly be in the yearbook for senior superlatives so I submitted with encouragement from others,” she said, when mentioning how she felt about nominating herself. Piscil further goes on to comment on how restricting the concept of superlatives could be, “The superlative I won was based on looks so while it doesn’t define who I am, I think it is accurate and a fun memento to add in the yearbook for me to remember in the future.”

Janelle Paligutan, who won “Biggest Boba Lover” along with Kaden Lim, said she believes the title is an accurate depiction of who she is. “I wanted to apply because I work at a boba shop and I drink boba like everyday,” said Paligutan.

One of the winners for “Biggest Animal Lover,” was Allison Mitchell who won with Ashley Tan. “I was excited about nominations just because they are a fun senior thing. I think my superlative represents me pretty well since my family is always involved with animals,” she said.

Mitchell, as well as Piscil nominated herself for two superlatives. “There wasn’t one superlative I really preferred over the other, because both represented me and my interests,” said Mitchell. She was also going for ‘Most Athletic,’ the winners of that were Delaney Rasmussen and Cooper Matthews. “I did prefer the superlative I did not win over the one I won because it was not based on my looks but on my skills,” said Piscil.  Despite this disappointment, she further stated, “However, I do think most likely to be ID’d at 30 is very funny and I’m glad to be sharing it with Scotland.”

2 thoughts on “Senior Superlatives spark excitement

  • Lilly

    I really enjoy this article. This is one of a few recent articles that has some silliness and lots of fun. It is exciting to know what the current seniors won for their superlatives. I also think this was really well written, one question I have is if there are images of the students who won what on the newspaper?

  • Chuck Mcgill


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