What Prom 2022 will bring

Prom will be held Saturday, May 7 at San Francisco City Hall. The night will be open to all CVUSD juniors and seniors. Students will also be allowed to bring one guest from another high school, but not older than 20 years old. The venue is large enough to accompany up to 3,000 students. While the vaccine and masks will not be required, CVUSD recommends both.

Activities Director Thomas Maloney states “because we are going to be in a city building, law enforcement will be there to ensure safety.” There will be metal detectors and breathalyzers to ensure no students show up with any drugs or alcohol. 

“Since it’s my last year, and I missed junior prom due to covid, I’m really looking forward to getting to spend time with my friends at this once in a lifetime experience. The games sound really fun and the venue is very beautiful,” said senior Cecilia Lin.

At the event there will be food and games. The food menu consists of a mac and cheese bar and dippin dots. There will be several photo booths, a 360 camera, arcade games and a casino. All food and games will be free, the only cost to students is the initial ticket. Make sure to purchase tickets early as they start at $80 the week of April 11 and will go up $5 each week.