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AP Art Show displays students art

The CVHS AP Art Show displayed the artwork of the students in the AP art class this year. Displayed in the Exhibition Hall at the Center For the Arts, the artwork was available for anyone to come and see. 

AP art students spent a lot of time creating the pieces that they featured in the show. Students worked on their art from November through April, spending different amounts of time on each piece they created. Each display had multiple pieces in a series, as well as a description of the inspiration behind the series. 

Junior Agata Fedorowicz found inspiration for her artwork in prehistoric creatures and speculative biology. “I found evolution very fascinating and I figured I’d want to try exploring some scenarios myself,” said Fedorowicz. 

“My favorite piece has to be ‘Cat and Mouse.’ I really enjoyed adding the faux fur for texture. I love the fierceness of the ‘cat’ creature’s claws and the ‘mouse’ creature’s clear fight to live. I also like how the background turned out, with the cracked ground and the desert feel,” said Fedorowicz. 

Students had full creative freedom when creating their series for the show. One thing that students enjoy about the class is that it’s a place where they can let their creativity flow, and create pieces that allow them to express themselves. In the class, they also have more access to materials that they may not have otherwise. 

Senior Erin Tang found inspiration for her series in the passing of her grandmother. She wanted to create a series that honored her, and she found that creating the pieces was a way to help with the grieving process. 

“I like getting to hear what people say about your work, and how they respond to it. A lot of people came up to me and were like ‘I relate to that,’ or ‘this made me cry,’ and it’s kind of impactful to see how they react to it,” said Tang. 

The art show was a good way to end the school year, because it provided an opportunity for students to share what they have been working on over the past year. “I really like getting to see other peoples work, and you kinda help each other out and get inspired from each other, which is pretty fun,” said Tang.

4 thoughts on “AP Art Show displays students art

  • I think its awesome that students have the ability to be really creative with the final. I im also glad I had a teacher who alowed us to see it during class the art work was really cool. It was intersting reading about what all the diffrent art represented.

  • Agata Fedorowicz

    I thank Mrs. Knudsen for being a great art teacher and for giving our class the opportunity to display our artwork for people to see! I had a fun time this year, and I can’t wait to do art class again next year.

  • I’m really proud and happy for my friends who featured in the AP art show! I’ve known them since elementary school and their art has improved so much throughout the years. I love that there’s an AP art show for the students to show off and express.

  • I think it is very cool that students in the art program here get to express themselves with a final project. This is a great opportunity for students to figure out what type of art they really like to make. In AP Art History we have a similar project that has been really fun. This is also a great way to connect with fellow students.

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