Part-time jobs pay off for students

As we progress through the school year, toil with homework, practice sports, recite music, and study for tests, one also must consider the part time jobs in a student’s life. Unfortunately, students are not necessarily gaining real-world skills burying their heads in books and wondering about the next test coming up. In part-time jobs,  students will gain skills, techniques and a new etiquette of life in the real, working world. Part-time jobs will also create challenges and benefits from working through the school year.

“When I first started working I used to be so shy, I would barely speak but now I’m fine with talking to strangers,” said Al’s Market clerk Jordan Frye, a junior at CVHS.

As one can imagine with a job, students will be getting paid a wage. With this new found income students will be able to pay for what they choose at will. Students will now have a new independence from their parents and will be capable of budgeting themselves.

“I used to ask my parents all the time for money, now I find myself buying things for my parents,” said Frye.

With the benefits of part time jobs, students must also consider that their work will take time out from their school work. From the time someone clocks in and out during a weekday, he will have already lost precious time to study, be with family, and do school work.

Time management therefore is crucial in keeping up on school work and personal schedules. While a job is a major benefit, teens must understand that at this age, a job should not dictate their scholastic and personal lives or have any factor on their grades.

“My job does take time out of my schedule but above all I make sure family and homework are prioritized,” added junior baker Elliot Breitinger.

Whether students are saving their money for a car, or the next dinner out with friends they will have the pride of knowing that they earned it. Jobs will have a full time effect on any student’s life.

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