Sports cards: bounding brilliant ballers


Alyssa DuPuis - Freshman

Since she was seven years old, Alyssa DuPuis knew that she wanted to be a famous sports star when she grew up. Currently she is on the junior varsity softball team at CVHS.

Everyday, when she doesn’t have games, DuPuis and her softball team train after school. She usually either pitches or plays as the first baseman, but her favorite thing is when she is batting. At home, DuPuis has a batting cage where she and her dad practice multiple times a week.

“I get to have a chance to be around my friends, while getting to do something I love,” said DuPuis. Her softball team is just like an extension of her family, because they spend so much time together.


Danielle Vargas - Sophomore

Standing in the outfield, sweating from the burning heat of the sun was Danielle Vargas. The team playing against CVHS just needed one more run to win the game. The score was tied and the bases were loaded in the ninth inning. The batter swung her bat and the ball flew to outfield. At the last second, Vargas caught the ball.

Vargas plays center field on the varsity softball team. She has been playing for eight years, and loves every minute of it.

“I practice at home whenever I get the chance,” said Vargas. “I don’t think softball will ever be my career, but I would love to play it in college.”


Anthony Viveiros - Senior
Bronson Brown - Junior

Although he is only 17 years old, Bronson Brown has accomplished a lot in swimming. For more than 11 years Brown has been working on getting to be a better swimmer.

Brown won the 100 yard butterfly at the HAAL championships this year. He swims for the USA team and continues to swim in other competitions.

“I like being able to practice with friends,” said Brown.

Brown and his teammates push each other to keep advancing.

“I want to keep improving my goals,” declared Brown. For his next goal, Brown wants to win Junior Nationals.


Anthony Viveiros - Senior

As a star athlete in two sports at CVHS, Anthony Viveiros is going to have a hard time leaving CVHS this year. He has played football for all four years in high school, and been in track for three years. He even played basketball as a freshman.
Viveiros is a shot put and a discus thrower on the track team.

Once, at a track meet in Hayward, a player from the Hayward team matched Viveiros’s throw. When they both threw again to break the tie, Vivieiros won.

“It was amazing,” said Viveiros.

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