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Madilyn Morrow makes it Big in Manhattan


CVHS sophomore Madilyn Morrow is fresh off of Broadway. Morrow was last on Broadway acting in the show Matilda, playing the swing roles of Alice and Hortensia, which allowed her to perform two or more times a week as either character. Morrow performed on Broadway with Matilda for ten months, from December 2012 to October 2013. She describes her experience as “once in a lifetime,” and “so amazing.”

One of Morrow’s favorite memories of working on Broadway was when all the performers took breaks together and would go get dinner. Sometimes they would go to Central Park, or just all get dessert.

“It felt like family,” says Morrow.

Morrow was also able to form great friendships and have wonderful experiences. While she and the cast were on standby, they would watch movies with the other kids, and learn how to knit and sew.

It was also very exciting for Morrow to meet some of the famous people that attended the show. John Stamos, Jason Alexander, and the girls from the show Dance Moms all attended the show during its run.

Before Morrow made her big break on Broadway, she knew that acting was her passion. Her mother started to take Morrow to shows when she was only three months old. She learned dance from her mother and saw her friends act in shows. After that she decided to audition for her first show, “The Jungle Book.” Four auditions later, she landed her first role.

After that she auditioned for shows like Annie and Billy Elliot on Broadway, making it to the final rounds of each one. She was one of the final 50 girls out of 600 people, before she was cut. Even after getting turned down, Morrow followed her passion and dreams and kept auditioning. She finally succeeded with Matilda, where she was one of 12 girls selected out a group of 600 people.

Morrow is truly inspirational and never gave up on her dreams. Her younger brother Zell, who is seven years old, is following his big sister’s footsteps and currently had a call back for the show Matilda.

Morrow is eager to go back on Broadway and is currently looking for auditions. She may audition for the 2015 revival of Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway. For now, between looking for auditions, Morrow is enjoying her time at CVHS, where she just celebrated her first homecoming. She is also planning on auditioning for the plays and musicals here.

Morrow’s final words of encouragement for anyone that wants to aspire to work on Broadway, like she did, is, “Dream big, and never give up. If you keep going and this is really what you want to do just keep going and never give up.”

Morrow is truly a star shining inside and out, accomplishing so much already in her lifetime. She describes it as “living my dream,” and surely that dream will continue.