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PE classes adjust to virtual learning

PE classes have adapted to biweekly virtual exercise sessions, and asynchronous work that answers “Why is physical education important?” as stated by Mark Williams who is a CVHS PE teacher for online learning. His class will turn in a giant slideshow at the end of the semester. 

Many students love online PE. “It is easier for me than in-person classes because I can work at my own pace and I can get stronger on my own terms,” said freshman Oli Baker.  

“PE this year is very weird, but it’s still fun,” said sophomore Taylor Gibbs. 

“If we don’t have access to weights, we can take water bottles and fill them with sand or dirt to make them to our own liking in weight,” said sophomore Savannah Jenson. 

Online PE classes vary. Much of it depends on the teacher.

 “We all run our classes a little differently,” confirmed PE teacher John Edwards. 

While “half the kids are just on their phone, off camera” in freshman Benjamin Rogge’s PE class, webcam use is required in Williams’ class for workouts. 

“Ms. Roscelli is awesome too so that makes waking up for 9 a.m. classes worth it,” said sophomore Jahzara Jones.

“Online PE is harder than in person PE. The workouts and exercises online are more difficult than in person,” said sophomore Colin Leung.

“Online PE is kind of an interesting experience since you could easily slack off by not turning your camera on, or angling it away. My PE teacher sometimes lets us pick our own exercises or makes a [circuit] schedule,” said freshman Rhea Acholkar.

“Students aren’t motivated to work out, especially while in their rooms on a Zoom call. Sadly, I really don’t see a way to drastically improve online PE. It’s a class that requires physical interaction, and we just can’t do that right now. Personally, I’d prefer to just work out alone on my own time than follow along with a class,” said sophomore Kevin Li.

Baron Begier

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