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Apex’s use of AI and microtransactions has players disapproving

The new collaboration starring “Final Fantasy 7” will be the last collaboration “Apex” has. In response to suspicions over AI art use and cosmetic costs totalling $360,  fans are reacting poorly to the surprise event. The new season launched Jan. 19 and at first glance, fans are wowed by the iconic Buster Sword and Hop-Up Materia, referencing Final Fantasy. So the game is on theme and aligned with the events, however, another thing grabs fans attention: cosmetics. 

This new season is different from a typical “Apex” season, which usually includes a new heirloom, something that typically costs $160 on average or can be unlocked for free after collecting the other collectables. This season, though? The mighty heirloom is available in event packs, yet the odds are so low that fans would likely have to purchase 36 packs, costing them a whopping $360, which is different from the actual in-game one. 

The overall gameplay of the new season is pretty neat, it gives players something new to look forward to in the game. However, recent controversy from EA and Respawn over accusations that marketing material for the event leans on AI. Several images have been released with some irregularities that wouldn’t be seen without the help of AI. Due to the general mood toward AI, the sentiment around the popular and well known battle royale isn’t grand at the moment. 

On top of that, the classic unranked battle royale mode has been replaced with the battle royale takeover. The takeover acts like the classic battle royale but has some slight changes. Starting off with Materia Hop -Ups. Adding bonuses and increases to players, with five different types of material and equippable on select weapons. 

The whole game itself is free across all platforms, so you aren’t spending money at the beginning. It’s the in game purchases that add up and can be pretty costly especially in this new season.

As someone who has played the game, I think it’s worth the time and effort to enjoy the matches. However, I also haven’t spent a dime on the new season, though I have been considering it. Depending on how often you play the game should determine how much you spend on each season. The new season sounds great, especially with all the perks, but spending approximately $360 sounds crazy to spend. 

I definitely think that Respawn and EA are on to something though and if they adjust the prices, more people would buy the in game purchases. Overall, I think paying for the game is worth it but spending that much money sounds ridiculous.

One thought on “Apex’s use of AI and microtransactions has players disapproving

  • Elliot

    EA definetly prioritizes making money over working on a better game. However, the game mode was pretty fun, since the sword made for some hilarious moments. The new season is pretty fun so far!

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