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Students dread Trump vs. Biden rematch

As the 2024 election primaries have just commenced, all eyes are focused on the likely rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. However, it seems that most Trojans don’t want either to win.

In an Olympian survey, 171 out of 308 respondents prefer someone else becoming president, with many stating that Trump and Biden have too many issues to be viable presidents. 

“I would literally rather have Kanye because at least he might do something,” wrote junior Arthur Tatarkhanov.

As the current president, Biden is expected to be the Democratic candidate. What is unusual however is that the Republican field is far smaller than previous presidential elections, and that stems from Trump being a clear favorite to gain the Republican nomination, with his only remaining major adversary being Nikki Haley.

The survey gives more insight into CVHS’s thoughts of Biden. About 55 percent of responders disapproved of Biden, with many having issues with his age or decisions. Notably, many responses quoted Biden as the “lesser of two evils.”

For Trump, there was even less support. About 83 percent of participants disapproved of Trump, with many stating that his 91 felony charges and his involvement in the Jan. 6 riots playing key factors. 

“He has mentioned that if elected again he plans to terminate parts of the Constitution to overturn the 2020 election, an election he lost on both facets, the Electoral College and the popular vote,” said junior Scott Baldwin. 

However, there are those in favor of Trump, with many in support of Trump liking his impact on the economy and the strong figure he emanates. 

“The economy was doing well, and he stopped criminals from coming into the U.S. He is also a strong figure and representative for America and he is straight up and not afraid to say or do what’s right,” said senior Jacob Abeckett.

However, the biggest issue with Trump right now is whether or not he should be on the ballot, with 67 percent saying that he shouldn’t be eligible to run. Trump faces a 14th Amendment challenge to his candidacy for “engaging in insurrection” on Jan. 6, 2021. Two states have disqualified him on that basis so far. 

“He shouldn’t be allowed to even run because he has been impeached twice and insurrected the Jan. 6 riot. He also  has expressed racist and sexist views which tells me he’s not suitable to lead a very diverse country,” said senior Akaila Mello.

2 thoughts on “Students dread Trump vs. Biden rematch

  • Scott Baldwin

    I agree that both of the top candidates are unfit for the presidency, but I still believe that Biden is the lesser of two evils. Trump has been charged of 91 felonies, and potentially incited the insurrection, which should disqualify his candidacy entirely. While Biden on the other hand is a neutral, in my opinion, not doing anything horribly wrong but not doing anything phenomenally proactive.

  • Lanikai

    I agree with the majority of the students who don’t approve of either Joe Biden nor Donald Trump and of course, would rather have someone else become president. However, I also agree with the many who said that Joe Biden is the lesser of two evils. The election is highly likely to narrow down to a competition between the two so it is better to just vote for Joe Biden so that the chances of Trump winning decreases.

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