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“2K20” aggravates players

Millions around the world play “2K20,” the most successful NBA video game. Yet this year’s version was ranked as the second-most hated game of 2020 and to me that is no surprise. Having recently reached a milestone of being out for a year, it is notorious for being one of the worst, if not the worst 2K since well the first 2K that was released in 1999.

“The gameplay in ‘2K20’ is completely broken. Many aspects of the shooting in the game, along with attacking the basket, have been needlessly destroyed,” reported James Murphy, a passionate 2K player.

With laggy gameplay, a toxic community, atrocious servers, manipulative business tactics (pay to win), and no improvements whatsoever from the previous year’s game, “2K20” offers an almost guaranteed ticket to broken controllers, holes in walls (as well as your bank account), and most importantly days of valuable time gone to waste.

Throughout the countless hours I have spent (scratch that, more like wasted) playing “2K20,” I have experienced nothing but absolute animosity towards the game and its developers.

The awful servers that would constantly kick me out in the midst of a game were just a direct ticket to high blood pressure. Also, the amount of times players have messaged me with phrases of profanity directly after a game is just aggravating. 

The game would induce too much stress which is why I am proud to announce that I haven’t played the game in months.

I am quite disappointed in myself for having played such an awful game for quite some time, valuable time I could’ve spent engaging in more productive activities.

It is safe to say that millions of players from the 2K community are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the long anticipated “2K21,” praying for a better, more improved game.

Buying “2K20” is basically purchasing stress and violent outbursts all in the form of a $60 video game. 

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