Can Obama do it? Yes he can

For quite some time, Americans have been arguing whether President Barack Obama has made enough accomplishments during his presidency. Some say that Obama is not generating the change he promised throughout his campaign and is not making the effort needed to inspire that change. I strongly disagree with this statement, for I believe Obama is doing the best he can to repair our “Disunited” States.

The fact that Obama came into his presidency during a time of dysfunction should be considered. Former President George W. Bush declared a “War on Terror” in 2001 that later led to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Obama is not the one who began these wars, and yet he is being blamed for the delayed return of the U.S. soldiers.

It also did not help that his inauguration took place in the midst of America’s largest economic deficit since the Great Depression. People are wondering why the unemployment rates are increasing since Obama became president and why nothing seems to be changing.

What they do not realize is that change does not happen in the blink of an eye. We do not go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning with our nation’s problems gone. No, change requires time and cooperation, and complaining about our president, who spends most of his days trying to improve our country, does the exact opposite.

Instead of focusing on the things Obama has not accomplished, why don’t we address the many feats he has performed since being in office?

Thus far, Obama has initiated the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, enforced equal pay for women, abolished the restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, and established new federal funding for science and research labs. He has also provided new funding for school construction, created the U.S. financial and banking rescue plan, reinstated the discussions about global warming, and most importantly, instituted a health care reform program. That is certainly a lot of achievements for someone who is believed to not have influenced change in America.

When Obama was first running for president, his inspirational slogan was “Yes we can!” His optimism for change instilled hope in Americans and was one of the many reasons why people felt compelled to check his name on the ballot. In doing so, we were putting our trust in him that he would lead our country through these challenging times. Now, more than ever, Obama needs our patience and support as he takes the steps necessary to restore our broken nation. Can he do it? I say, yes he can.

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