CW’s The Flash captivates viewers across the country

“My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive.” This quote has a lot of meaning and appreciation for the millions of viewers who watch the CW show, The Flash. Grant Gustin plays the role of Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, who many believe is the new upcoming star in the comic world. The show was named favorite new drama by the People’s Choice Awards in 2014. The show premiered in 2014, and is now in its third season.

The show first came about as a spin-off of the show, Arrow, which is based on the character Oliver Queen, who has been stranded on an island for over five years. During those years, he learns and grows, and discovers that his family legacy was all a lie. Once he returns to his city, he becomes a vigilante to protect the city.

The creators of Arrow decided to bring Allen back to the small screen by giving the audience a sneak peek of how the character becomes The Flash. Of course, some viewers were a bit concerned when the show was first released to the public. Critics were worried that the new show would not meet the expectations of fans of the original story of The Flash, from iconic comic books to the cartoon movies.

The shows starts when Allen is struck by lightning during a particle accelerator explosion. He later on discovers that he has remarkable powers as the fastest person alive. He’s even faster than the sound barrier. As the show goes on, we see him turn into an incredible superhero, and we see the development of his amazing abilities. The show has a lot of components that focus on other things, such as time-travel and people with special capabilities.

When the show aired on the CW, it was an instant hit, beating all the other shows on the TV network. One of the reason this show I think is so successful is that it does a crossover with different shows, such as Arrow and Supergirl. The show also is original but refers to its origins in the comics, making viewers feel excited to see some of the characters from the comics come to life.

When season two ended, it left viewers in shock and wanting more, but they had to wait a couple of months until season three premiered.

This show without a doubt deserves 5 out of 5 stars.

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