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Juniors need a break, make sophomores take SBAC

I’m simply trying to survive my junior year with all the extra stress that comes with it. I haven’t even completed the first semester of my junior year, and I’m already so done with it. Currently, I have been focused on my AP classes, extra curriculars, and the SAT, not to mention, I’m also trying to learn how to drive. I thought I was doing fine with managing everything, but of course, I am reminded that this year, I will be taking the dreadful SBAC test.

 There is so much pressure put on students in junior year. For one, it’s the first year that CVHS allows us to take AP classes, so when we begin to take these college level classes, we don’t know what to expect. Junior year also consists of the SAT or ACT and the pressures of colleges looking at our successes in this particular year. Not only do juniors have to juggle their new AP classes, but they also have to start focusing on studying for the long and painful college readiness tests.

I, personally, am going to take several AP tests in the spring, and I also hope to get a high score on my SAT. On top of these school related pressures, I’m trying to manage the rest of my time, focus, and energy on clubs, sports, and learning how to drive. I’d rather not deal with the pressure of the SBAC test this year as well.

The SBAC is only taken one year in high school, and with all the pressures of junior year, we shouldn’t be the ones who take it. It may not count towards our grade but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to do well on it, nor does it mean that the stress of the test is less than usual. We also can’t all opt out of taking it; parents might force their child to take it, students may feel obligated to take it, and the school needs our scores for reflection.

 If juniors shouldn’t be the class to take the SBAC, then which class should it be? I think that it should be taken in tenth grade instead.

Sophomores have a fairly uneventful year and are not nearly as stressed as their upperclassman counterparts. They would have gotten a break from taking the SBAC, but they are still prepared for the SBAC. Tenth grade would be the most ideal year to take it. I know that I would’ve much rather taken it last year than this year. 

Juniors have enough on their plate to cause them years of stress in only a single school year. They shouldn’t have to be the class that takes the SBAC, adding to their already extremely complicated year.