Athlete of the Month: Riley Powers

Riley Powers is a CVHS junior with an amazing name and an amazing backswing! Powers is the captain of our varsity tennis team, for which she has been playing since freshman year. She has been playing tennis for a whopping six years, and her most cherished memory is being on the CVHS team and getting to know all her amazing teammates.

Powers absolutely loves being on a team, and values the bond that she and all the girls on her team have formed over time. As a captain, she is now required to hold more of a leadership position for the other girls, who look up to her as a role model. However, there are some drawbacks to being so great.

“It’s hard to juggle tennis and school because we have practice every day, and on game days, we don’t get home until late. So it’s hard to still have energy to do homework and study for tests,” she said.

Powers is not yet convinced of the merits of playing college tennis, but there is hope still. Her main goals for her tennis career are to improve every day and to be a good leader for her fellow teammates.

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