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Trojan F.I.T. inspires staff

Well it’s that time of year again, when the days start to get shorter and the nights longer, but that won’t stop the Trojan F.I.T. program and its many participants. 

The program takes place monthly. Its main focus is to get the many staff members to get outside, be active, and complete challenges outside of their comfort zones. In November, there were over 30 staff members participating in the 10k steps challenge.

The staff has been very excited about this challenge and are ready to take it on. Many staff really enjoy this and say that this challenge makes them feel better about themselves, as well as makes them feel more healthy, happy, and motivates them to do more athletic events in the future. 

Some teachers, such as Jennifer Jervis, love the event and have some great things to say about it. 

“I love participating in the event. It makes myself and everyone around me want to go out and be active, which is what we need in this day and age,” said Jervis.

Another influential person that is a big part of the Trojan Fit program is Mark Williams. Williams is a PE teacher at CVHS and is already really athletic in his everyday life. 

“I like to see staff members and teachers all participating in being active and trying to accomplish something they don’t do on a day-to-day basis,” said Williams.

Although students are not really entitled to participate in the event, there is a lot of talk around school saying that many students are actually interested in participating in the challenge. 

“I really want to participate in the event, even if I’m not really registered in the challenge. I can still use my watch to count my steps and complete the challenge,” said freshman Taylor Gibbs. 

Overall the Trojan got program is definitely on the come up for new and exciting challenges, as well as activities to participate in on the CVHS campus.