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Girls basketball team squashed Berkeley

The Trojans girls basketball team squashed the Berkeley Yellowjackets, 60-13, on Jan. 16. 

Though the Trojans had their ups and downs during the season, they rebounded from a streak of losses for a swift victory. 

“When we all find the strength to come together and be our best, we elevate each other to another level,” stated team captain Nicole Guzman. “I think we played the best that we ever have as a team, like our energy off the bench and on the court, everything just worked well together.”

Obviously, basketball is a team sport but no matter the skill of a player you can’t deny the strength in numbers. “And you can’t really say it’s a one-person effort everybody worked together and played very well together,” stated Guzman. 

“It wasn’t one person doing everything,” commented point guard Naomi Chew. “We definitely distributed the ball and the majority of everybody scored.” 

The players achieved their victory through teamwork and coordination, rebounds, and assists. Olivia Villegas, Ava Kim, and Qiomy Espinoza were all strong team players throughout the four quarters. 

Important shooters throughout the game included Guzman, Chew, Ava Hinrichsen, and Sophia Tom. Ava  H. had scored a total of 14 points for the team being a personal high for the season. 

Though not every player was mentioned here, a shout-out to the rest of the team was due. Power forward Meliani Ramos was the one to give it: “My favorite part is almost everyone being able to make a basket, and the bench going absolutely crazy every time that our starters who usually don’t play were able to get good and open shots.”

Overall the team performed very well and had an amazing game. Their only lack was jokingly called out by Coach Bailey Jones during the midst of the game: “We need to work on your guys’ cheerleading.”

5 thoughts on “Girls basketball team squashed Berkeley

  • Q Espinoza

    Thank you for taking the time to write about my team. It feels good knowing the people at CVHS take pride in womens sports!

  • Zhane Smith

    Went to multiple girls basketball games this season, and they never fail to amaze me! Looking forward to enjoying the rest of the season.

  • Jackson

    What an amazing win coming from the cvhs basketball team.

  • The team displayed a grand amount of teamwork. Congrats on the dub!

  • Dylan Vuong

    I think the girls basketball team has a bright future in their athletic career.

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