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Winter Ball calls for redemption with new improvements

With Winter Ball only having about 500 attendees last year, CVHS leadership students and staff are looking to match the excitement that Homecoming gives us each year.

“Homecoming is one of the iconic high school moments and Winter Ball just hasn’t had the same effect,” said Activities Director Thomas Maloney.

Who doesn’t love Homecoming? It is one of the most fun parts of the school year, a week filled with spirit and rallies. Leading up to the big dance, Friday is an emotional rollercoaster as our football team plays one of their biggest games of the season. Students at CVHS have been shown to always enjoy this. In contrast, students have not shown as much spirit for Winter ball.

Common student complaints range from Winter Ball not having enough food, to the lack of attendance making the event seem unappealing overall. Addressing these concerns, the leadership team has big plans underway to attract more students, including bringing a DJ from 106.1 radio station along with a karaoke bar. Photo opportunities will also be available with a 360 camera and a photo booth! An increased supply of donuts, popular at other school events, will also be offered.

“Students said ‘We want Homecoming!’ so we’re gonna give it to them,” explained Maloney. “We’re going to take what students have liked from Homecoming and make it happen at the Ball.”

Additionally, to make the event more accessible, ticket prices have been significantly reduced. This year, prices are $15 with ASB and $20 without, whereas previously tickets sold for $30 with ASB and $35 without. Leadership hopes that this change will allow more Trojans to enjoy the night of dancing and festivities with their friends. 

“We had the ticket price at $20 before and had a good turnout, so we are optimistic,” said Maloney.

Finally, the location for the upcoming Prom will be announced to close off the night. Be there for this exciting announcement!