Sage balances water polo, school, work, and extracurricular activities

From her freshman year until now, you could spot senior Jessica Sage in the pool, water polo ball in hand ready to play. Influenced by her older sister and close friend, Sage first started playing water polo in seventh grade. She climbed the ranks quickly, making varsity for all four years of high school and becoming one of the team captains as a junior.  

“Jessica is very understanding and always there for everyone while having a great attitude all the time,” said teammate Camila Sacramento.

One of Sage’s favorite aspects of water polo is the sense of community. “My team makes it feel like a family,” Sage said. It’s true: you can often find the girls water polo team supporting each other on social media and cheering each other on at games. 

Sage also excels outside of the pool. “I also swim, but besides that I’d say I’m very social and I like to go out a lot when I get the chance,” she commented.

On top of water polo, she juggles a job as a life guard, maintains good grades, and participates in extracurricular activities. 

“Water polo has always been so busy, so I’ve gotten the hang of juggling with it,” Sage added. “The most challenging part is being so busy all the time, working harder every day, and not always succeeding.” 

Regarding her plans for the future, “After high school I plan to go to college and find who I am and hopefully still play water polo for a club as a hobby,” Sage said.

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