Chan excels at tennis: “I loved playing since I was young”

Playing tennis since she was five years old, senior Marissa Chan excels in the sport. Chan is the number one player on the team this year and has been playing for the varsity team since her freshman year. 

“I loved playing since I was young, but it took a lot of practice to get to a point where I could play with family and friends. My dad would take me out everyday over the summer to hit and do drills,” said Chan. 

Chan is also one of the captains this year, holding a lot of responsibilities and honors. Her special plays are volleys and serves, and she loves playing doubles. 

“I remember her playing in varsity as a freshman, and I am amazed to see how she has worked her way up to number one in singles. There has never been a day where Marissa has failed to lighten up the mood of others,” said Levina La, senior and co-captain. 

Chan’s success didn’t come easily, and she didn’t start taking the sport seriously until third grade. “When I got good enough, I played with my parents’ friends. I made sure to work on everything I wanted to improve on whether it becoming up to do volleys or just getting doubles practice in general,” said Chan. 

“I’m sure that the skills of focus, dedication, and leadership will serve her well in college, and in whatever future career she chooses,” said tennis coach Bill McIntyre.

Chan hopes to win future matches and to make memories with her teammates since it’s her last year. Chan claims that tennis will always be a big part of her life and she wants to keep building friendships so that even when the team is graduated, she can still play with them.

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