Zaballos balances wrestling, coaching, work and school

Over the course of one week, student-athlete Ajayzee Zaballos can have wrestling practice at CVHS, coach the middle school teams, and volunteer at her family’s jiu-jitsu gym. Sports are a big-time commitment for Zaballos, who has to deal with schoolwork like the rest of us as well.

“I had to focus on setting time aside for school and my sports first and foremost before taking time for anything else,” said Zaballos.

Wrestling demands great physical effort, but Zaballos describes it as mentally taxing as well.

“Wrestling requires mental toughness, the will to take risks, confidence, perseverance, hard work, physical strength, and being willing to push yourself to limits you’ve never reached before,” she said. 

Zaballos won a SportsHopes Community Service Award for her wrestling, coaching and academic success. The award validates all the effort Zaballos has put into succeeding in school and sports.

“This award is another reminder that everything I have accomplished, sacrificed, and have been proud of is being recognized by my community,” said Zaballos.

Zaballos has been participating in sports since she was little in her family’s gym, and she plans to continue doing so. She will attend Menlo College in the fall, and she will wrestle there as well. She is prepared to go where wrestling takes her, continuing to serve her community while she does it.

“I am open to what life brings to me in the future, whether that consists of the Olympics, continuing coaching wrestling, or venturing within a separate entrepreneurial lifestyle,” said Zaballos.

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