Trojans fight Highlanders on senior night

The Trojans lost 2-3 at their last home game of the season in varsity girls volleyball against the Piedmont Highlanders.

This was the last home game of the season and six seniors were honored for their hard work on the team before the game: Kira Chen, Megan Curtin, Kellie Jordan, Sydney Burnama, Cecilia Sevilla, and Jessi Obeso.

The first set of the game ended with a score of 28-30 putting Piedmont into the lead. The Trojans caught up in the second set with a win of 26-24. The third set was 22-25, putting Piedmont back in the lead. The fourth set ended with 25-23, once again tying the Trojans and Highlanders. The last set gave the Piedmont Highlanders the win as they won 12-15 in the set, and 3-2 overall.

“I feel like on senior night we put out our best effort and really played as a team,” said Curtin, senior. “We were sad to say goodbye to the sport that taught us so much.”

Piedmont is always a challenge to beat and the Trojans did the best they could winning two out of five sets.

Although the close game came to a lose for Trojans, players were still in high spirits as they came to an end in their season.