Trojans Attacked, Blocked and Defeated the Competition

Trojans volleyed their way to victory against the Hayward Farmers on Sept. 18.

The CVHS varsity girls volleyball team won three out of three sets. The girls won the first 25 to 8, they triumphed in the second set 28 to 17, and in the last they obliterated the competition 25 to 1.

“All of our players came together and were able to play new positions. We were able to execute well despite the new positions,” said senior team member Megan Curtin when asked how she felt they performed during the game.

Curtin also mentioned how although the team was expecting a win already, the girls still tried to work and challenge themselves.

“We work well together and we never give up on the ball. We always fight for every game,” stated senior and team captain Kira Chen when asked how the team has been playing this season.

Trojans have been able to use this game as a win in the face of a tough season, having won eight and lost nine out of 17 of their last games, and will continue to try their best until the end.

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