Pirates beat the Trojans in water polo game

The CVHS girls varsity water polo team had a close game with San Leandro High School but unfortunately lost with a score of 8-6 on Tuesday, Oct. 10. The team is still new, and has room for improvement, so the Trojans have yet to win a league game while losing six. Overall, the girls team has won 2 out of 14 games.

The game had started with Trojans in the lead. The Trojans had scored six points by the end of the third quarter, two points per quarter, while the Pirates had four. In the next quarter, the Pirates gained another two points and the game went into overtime. In the first overtime, neither of the teams had scored any points. In the second overtime, the Pirates gained a lead over the Trojans and scored another two points, winning them the game.

“We played really well. It’s just disappointing because we could have beat them. A lot of dirty things were happening under the water but in the end we played really well. Now look at us, we almost tied and almost beat them. Last year we had lost to them 18-0,” said team captain Michelle Terhell.Water

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